This is  an important aspect of our health.  The sexual organs are only partly visible externally, so ensuring that they are healthy requires periodic internal examinations.

Pap Smear -   this procedure allows the doctor to examine the cervix, which is the opening of the uterus, and obtain cells to test for cancer and infections. It  is generally painless, although it may be a bit uncomfortable.  It is an integral part of wellness in women.


Prostate Exam -  many males are nervous about getting their prostate examined. However, this gland can be a source of morbidity or mortality if not monitored regularly.  There are three main ways to monitor the health of the prostate gland;

  • digitally - a gloved finger is gently placed in the anus to palpate the gland for size and consistency
  • hematologically - a blood test to measure the level of  PSA  (prostate specific antigen) 
  • radiologically - an ultrasound to measure the size or for guidance to do a biopsy

It is recommended that Black males get a digital exam once a year, or more often if there is a problem with the gland.