Dr. Lowe pierces the ears of infants who are at least four months old, children, and adults.

The Medisystem Professional  Ear Piercing  Kit is used  to pierce the ears.  The studs and the clasps are manufactured with the highest grade surgical stainless steel and plated with pure 24K gold, which 
is recommended because of its purity. It is important to use the highest quality material when piercing an ear.
The 16G diameter of MediStuds® posts is twice that of permanent earrings. This is essential, because it creates a larger hole in the ear lobe, to allow easy insertion of permanent earrings after the 6 week healing period. The hole will then close down naturally to the size of the permanent earrings within four weeks.
Permanent earrings should never be used to pierce ears because their posts are too small and they may also contain some impure metals.

The MediStuds come in a wide range of styles and designs. Feel free to come in and see the many earrings available. Prices depend on the type of earring you choose, and range from $60 and up.