1. Call the office before you come to make sure that Dr. Lowe is available.

  2. To decrease wait time, it is best to call in advance to make an appointment at no extra charge. 

  3. Make a list of your concerns and questions, to ensure that you don’t forget anything. If you have several concerns, choose the most important ones. 

  4. Please tell Dr. Lowe early in the interview what your main concerns are; please do not wait until the interview and examination are just about to finish to bring up a topic of concern.

  5. Bring in all the medications you are currently taking or recently took.

  6. Bring in any recent lab or other investigations especially if it pertains to your main health concern.

  7. If you have a chronic illness such as diabetes or hypertension, and you measure your blood sugar or blood pressure regularly, please bring the in most recent readings for review.

  8. If you have your own blood pressure machine, bring it in as well to compare it to our sphygmometer for accuracy.