Child Abuse as a Public Health Issue

Fatima Friday,  MEd, Lisa Allen-Agostini and me in the middle

Fatima Friday, MEd, Lisa Allen-Agostini and me in the middle

On May 9th I participated as a panelist in "Talking about it: Child Sexual Abuse as a Public Health Issue" hosted by Groundation Grenada.

This was important to me because child abuse is a serious social problem worldwide. Due to the taboo surrounding it; it is not talked about, not addressed, not dealt with............. hushed up,  and so it continues.

Panel discussions like these are crucial to get the conversation going, to get people to open up and talk about it , to acknowledge that it is a problem, that it still exists and affects millions of children and their families worldwide. 

It is not only the victims and their families that are affected, but the perpetrators are too. They need help and counselling just as much as the victims.

In Health & Wellness,

Kecia Lowe