Here is a list of items that may be useful for you and your baby:

1. You might consider a pregnancy girdle that will support your abdomen if you stand alot.

2. Pump in Style Breast Pump

You will also need nipple cream and breast milk storage bags check this page and also look at the other items at the bottom of the page.

3. Boppy Nursing Pillow with a few different washable covers.

4.  Nuk nipples are the best nipples for the breast feeding baby so get some of these but be careful to look at the diameter of the nipples because some fit narrow bottles and some fit the broader based bottle so decide which type of bottle you are going to use and then get the nipples to suit. They also have pacifiers and sippy cups.

5.Fisher Price Infant -to -Toddler Rocker

6. Nursery Care Kit

7. Bottle Sterilizer- there are several brands depending on your price range for example, The Phillips Avent Steam Sterilizer

8. You will need a high chair before you know it!!  check out Fisher price ones , for example, they are excellent and last a  long time.

9. Baby will could benefit from an Exersaucer, much  safer than a walker and helps to strengthen the legs as well.

10. You will also need reusable breast pads, check this website for these that I used to use. You can search for them online and I will try to find the one I used to use that has a host of other cotton things for you and baby.

Have a wonderful day and safe delivery.


Dr. Kecia M Brooks-Smith Lowe